Transitioning from storytelling to ‘story selling’ involves more than words—it’s about unlocking a success formula.

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"The story you tell is the product you sell," a well-known quote among growth advisors and brand strategists.


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On the 25th of June 2021 Carla de Barros Barbosa will be speaking at FEM-START on 'How to create a strong brand'. FEM-START is the EDtech solution to close the start-up ecosystem's funding gap for female entrepreneurs and ensures that their…

My view on 2021

As we set our sights on a (hopefully) more positive year, we’ve taken a slightly different approach to the usual “Trends for the new year” types of article. In this Q&A series – Your View On 2021 – we spoke with…

Am I a brand?

Am I a brand? It sounds a bit odd being referred to as a ‘brand’ when it comes to an individual, a person. Or to ask yourself the question ‘am I a brand’? The moment you are in the public domain an opinion is formed about you. You…