• Communications driving growth

    Helping companies to stay future-proof and create a strong brand.


Communications driving growth

Helping companies to stay future-proof and create a strong brand.


Business consultant, brand and communications strategist—all with the intention to provide value that goes beyond communications, to deliver solutions that drive business growth.

My mission is to future-proof companies and their communications for tomorrow. By staying on top of trends and developments I help shape the strategic direction of organizations and their communications.

Challenging companies and brands to think about where they are now and where they like to be in the future has helped them to grow their business in many ways. Do you want to exchange ideas on how to grow your business?


Business Strategy

“Change is the only constant in life.” – Heraclitus, the Greek philosopher

Supporting entrepreneurs and companies in a moment of transition and into a next phase. How can I help?

  • (Re)defining and sharpen the mission, vision, business objectives, and goals.
  • Future mapping by applying trends and industry developments to shape the strategic direction.
  • Creating and activating the strategic road map.
  • Finding the right financial guidance to execute growth strategies.

Brand Strategy

“Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.” – Jeff Bezos

Proactively manage your brand image by clearly communicating about who you are and what you do. The more you are aware of the way you communicate, the more purposefully you can use this to achieve business goals. How can I help?

  • Describe the DNA on a one-pager. It is the starting point for creating relevant content that is aligned with strategic business and brand objectives with a brand passport.
  • Map and define groups that affect your organization internally and externally with stakeholder analysis.
  • Define the key messages.
  • Create a brand and equity story.
  • Activate through communications and PR.

Communications and PR

“Communication works for those who work at it.” – John Powell

How can you use communication and PR strategically? By consistently telling a story that is built on the pillars of your brand. It is the way to build a reputation that attracts talent, creates value and drives growth. There are many reasons to work effectively on your communications and PR, whether you are on the board of a multinational or a small business owner. How can I help translate your identity into PR and communications?

  • Communications plan
  • Content strategy
  • PR strategy
  • Communications and PR execution
  • Media training
  • Internal branding
  • Influencer marketing
  • CEO profiling

In-house Expertise

“My mission is to add value, my attitude is of active curiosity and my method is through relationships of trust” – Francois Baird

From strategy development to content creation, I have been providing successful communication and business advice for more than 20 years. I have worked on behalf of small brands with big ambitions, growth companies, on a boardroom level, and as a sparring partner for management teams of well-known and lesser-known brands. It feels good to share some of all that acquired knowledge for inspiration and motivation, or to make an organization even more successful. How can I help?

  • Interim business, brand, and communications strategy
  • Facilitating sessions on business strategy and brand strategy
  • In-house training on branding, communications, and PR
  • Personal brand sessions
  • Masterclass branding, communications, and PR

In-House Expertise


More than a communications expert

With her sharp questions, Carla kick-started the discussion about our brand during an interactive session. She aligned a club of headstrong people. She managed to clearly describe our brand to the essence. With a brand passport as an end result, we decided to rebrand our company and refresh our website. To us, Carla is more than a communications expert, she is a business strategist with communications expertise.

Jeroen de Rijk

CEO at Dock360 Corporate Finance

Goal-oriented and works with passion

When you work with Carla, you know it’s going to be okay! She is creative, communicative, strategic and pragmatic. She is a sparring partner on a management and tactical level. She has helped us to position Portugal as a holiday destination with a very varied offer. With her communications and PR approach, she has also managed to draw attention to lesser-known places with special and surprising stories. Her advice goes beyond communications, branding and PR, as a result of which she adds a lot of value as a sparring partner and is also more widely applicable. She is very professional, goal-oriented and works with passion.

Florbela Baltazar

Product Manager Turismo de Portugal

Sees opportunities that can have a ripple effect on results

Carla is an entrepreneur with communications expertise. She provides us with insights beyond communications. Carla thinks of solutions and sees opportunities that can have a ripple effect on results. This enables her to add depth to her communications advice. She is an appreciated sparring partner during the good and bad times for many years now for MGA Entertainment Benelux. At the beginning of the Corona- crisis she gave strategic communications advice that we put into immediate action for the greater good of the community, and which was on point with our brand DNA. We enjoy working together, have fun during the process and always strive towards high qualitative results.

Marion Moons

Marketing Manager Benelux at MGA Entertainment and Zapf

Exceptional and feasible communications concepts

I know Carla as a strong communications strategist with a pragmatic approach. She keeps an eye on external developments and knows how to align them well with a communications and PR strategy. She investigates whether what we do also contributes to achieving our business objectives. Her creativity provides exceptional and feasible communications concepts. I have enjoyed working with her!

Sonja van Dijk

Leader Integrated Marketing Communications C&A

Navigated us through a strategic brand session

Growing into a scale-up requires an in-depth approach to brand building. We wanted our stakeholders to have a clear image on who we are and how Jungle conquers complex problems with predictive intelligence (industrial AI). Carla navigated us through a strategic brand session, in which the foundation of our brand passport was laid. With the brand passport and our key messages as a starting point, we teamed up again for a content creation session and now have relevant content to communicate our message consistently to our stakeholders. It was a real delight to work with Carla and I greatly appreciate her support!

Sarah Hockner

Communications Manager at Jungle AI

One of our most productive strategic sessions

As a CEO of Friends of the Brands I organize strategic sessions with my team to discuss company growth. I needed somebody that was able to navigate us through this type of sessions. In Carla we found a facilitator and advisor that took a leadership role and asked all the right and necessary questions. She switched between techniques to generate the right output and she brought out the best in our team. It has been one of our most productive strategic sessions. All the steps and tactics are now in place for us to level up!

Dionne Schulf

CEO Friends of the Brands

Building a brand requires expertise

Building a brand requires expertise. As director and innovator of Medical Group, I wanted to put the 3D simulation game CareUp on the map for healthcare professionals. We needed a communications strategist to communicate this innovation. Carla managed to reach our target group in a short time with a thorough plan and a pragmatic approach. With her advice and insights, we have formulated the right messages, created relevant content and generated national visibility. A great start for CareUp!

Jos van Leeuwen

Medical Director and innovator of Medical Group

The ‘personal trainer’ of our brand Howtotalk

When our company Howtotalk went through major changes with the focus on our Howtotalk app, I asked Carla to advise us in sharpening our positioning and brand strategy. With interactive Brand Passport sessions, she summarized our DNA into a one-pager and has given our brand direction. Our Brand Passport has become the starting point for creating our content. And it didn’t stop there! Carla is now one of our favorite brand advisors and brainstorm facilitators. She is the ‘personal trainer’ of our brand. During a creative session she also managed to guide our team in formulating a new pay-off that immediately makes clear what we deliver!

Heleen de Hertog

CEO Howtotalk


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