Am I a brand?

It sounds a bit odd being referred to as a ‘brand’ when it comes to an individual, a person. Or to ask yourself the question ‘am I a brand’? The moment you are in the public domain an opinion is formed about you. You come across a certain way, you have an image. One you can proactively manage.

First of all, by providing a good product or service. And in addition, by clearly communicating about who you are and what you do. Whether you are an artist, presenter, football player, CEO, real estate developer or moderator, you are a brand. But what if you are all of the above? How to manage that?

In a world in which people aspire multiple careers simultaneously, personal branding is becoming an important topic. People don’t want the perception of them to become diffuse.

A personal ‘brand session’ can be of help. It gives you and third parties a clear picture of what the personal brand stands for. There is a reason why you do the things you do. Use your added value as a starting point! Personal branding is not about playing a role.

The more you are aware of the way you communicate, the more purposefully you can use this to achieve personal and business goals. There is nothing odd about that.

Want to exchange ideas on yours?