Achieving work goals with personal branding

You are approaching a crossroad in your work life. You want change, but you don't know where and how yet. Who am I, what do I stand for and what do I bring to the table? And is that applicable in other work fields?

Keynote speaker at Travel Counsellors Conference 2022

"My mission is not to transmit information, but to enable to learn." Thank you for inviting me as a a keynote speaker on (Personal) Branding to your conference 'Better than ever'. The energy from the travel counsellors in the audience,…

Keynote Speaker (Personal) Branding

You are about to enter a meeting that can enhance your career or business. Before you go in, ask yourself the following question. What is the one thing you want people to remember about you when you leave the room? When I ask this question…


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On the 25th of June 2021 Carla de Barros Barbosa will be speaking at FEM-START on 'How to create a strong brand'. FEM-START is the EDtech solution to close the start-up ecosystem's funding gap for female entrepreneurs and ensures that their…