Podcast ‘Leading with Elegance’

Invited on the Podcast 'Leading with Elegance'. Carla talks about her Portuguese roots, her very first job on promoting the film Titanic, how she continues to develop as an entrepreneur and… of course about her participation as a speaker…


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D-SKIN: From strategy to action in skincare

It was December last year when I got the call. On the phone the founder and CEO behind the skincare brand D-SKIN. She indicated that due to rapid growth it became increasingly challenging to bring ideas to reality. If I could advise and help. After…

Brand Strategy is Business Strategy: my journey with Delia Skin Master

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As founder and CEO of three companies, Delia wanted insights from an outside business-and brand strategist. And so my advisory role at the growing e-commerce platform Delia Skin Master began. Since a few months I have been advising them…

Quality alone does not sell itself

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“We want to work on our brand, our business is doing well and we are more relevant than ever. How do we align our communication efforts?!” This is how my assignment at YNNO, a consultancy for 'new ways of working' started. In the past 20…