You are about to enter a meeting that can enhance your career or business. Before you go in, ask yourself the following question. 
What is the one thing you want people to remember about you when you leave the room?

When I ask this question to individuals, women usually answer with words such as kind, empathetic or warm. Positive character traits to have. But there is more to add to that! 

What about your competences? The value you bring? This particular question seems to be a more challenging one to answer.

When Frederick Man invited me to give a keynote speech to fifty business women during an event on Women Empowerment, I wanted to share insights on the effect (personal) branding can have on attaining your (personal) goals, on how it empowers and the steps you can take to put it into practice.  

Thank you Frederick Man Chopard Conservatorium hotel for giving me this opportunity and to the women present for your enthusiasm and positive feedback.