You are approaching a crossroad in your work life. You want change, but you don’t know where and how yet. Who am I, what do I stand for and what do I bring to the table? And is that applicable in other work fields?

These frequently asked questions were the focus of the interactive workshop I recently gave on the 36th floor of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. They made their beautiful location and me as a speaker available to a group of women who are ready to enter the next phase.

The session focused on formulating their own ‘brand DNA’ in five steps. The very first question was also the most challenging.

How would I like to be seen in the new situation? What is the perception of my work and my talent? What do I want them to remember about me after attending a meeting?

Answering these questions gave the candidates the push towards what they want to achieve in their work. They began to see that their personal work goals can be achieved much faster if their personal brand is also established.

Diligently and confidently, the group of women set to work with a ‘personal brand passport’. Afterwards they let me know that they had experienced it as extremely valuable. It became apparent after a few days, when I was asked by a number of women present if I wanted to take a look at the brand passport they had made. You can’t give me a nicer compliment.

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