I had an interesting conversation with the owner of brand seeking for communication advice. She told me that her product was not that distinctive from the competitors. She was challenged to stand out in a market driven by price and functionality. “There is no story in what we do”, she said.

My reaction to that was that there is a story in every company. Especially in why you do the things you do. Think of all the emotional reasons customers come to you, the reason you started, or the social messages you deliver. In all of that is your story. 

Stories are easier to understand, to remember, and more likely to be retold. It is more interesting than a summary of facts. It provides something people can identify with.

She said our conversation had given her insights and that one thing already came to her mind. For her it feels more as a ‘detail’, but clients rate it as very positive and value the company for it. 
So, there it was! A possible beginning of her own brand story. 
Hope I can tell you real soon how this story continues…