We had a ‘digital’ click. We had been following each other for some time with great interest on Instagram and LinkedIn. So when I received the invitation for a personal meeting I wondered; “are the people behind the brand the same as I perceive them online? Does it match the opinion I’ve formed about them based on what I’ve read and seen online so far?”

The personal acquaintance with the team, plus 15,000 m2 of fine living inspiration and the available craftsmanship exceeded my perception!

This outcome was also the question and assignment that ETC wanted to submit. How can we ensure that we take control of our own brand? That our brand clearly communicates who we are and what we have to offer?

So, time to start working on the brand ambition, the brand promise and on a clear overarching core message.

During interactive sessions, the Brand Passport was used; a ‘navigation system’ that aligns all brand-related activities and is now their starting point for all marketing and communication activities. Then we continued with The Message House: the translation of the main message into the sub-messages. And soon to come..the visual translation!