“We want to work on our brand, our business is doing well and we are more relevant than ever. How do we align our communication efforts?!” This is how my assignment at YNNO, a consultancy for ‘new ways of working’ started. In the past 20 years they have successfully helped more than 400 organizations and 100 government institutions with issues in the field of digital working, housing & workplace and behavior & change. Topics that are currently high on many management agendas.

My QuickScan showed that YNNO communicates well who they are, what they do and how they work. High customer satisfaction and very strong content. There is no shortage of assignments at YNNO. Unfortunately, quality does not sell itself. This means: keep working on the brand! In this case, working on a clear brand promise, clear core message and solid content strategy.

We went through the following three steps:

1. Strategic dialogue: discussed the company’s short- and long-term ambitions, visions of the future, building the customer base, competitive position, growth potential. It immediately became clear where the priorities lie and how communication can contribute to achieving the objectives.

2. Brand Passport: a tool that ensures that all activities related to the YNNO brand are aligned. Internally, it now forms the basis for their marketing and communication activities.

3. Message House: the translation of the main message “YNNO makes your world of work better” (the promise YNNO keeps) to the sub-messages per discipline.

And now? Time to move on to implementation! After the above steps, an ‘editorial team’ and content calendar have been put together.  The team communicates on fixed topics, internal and external current events, shares research, expertise, white papers and customer cases. Curious about the result and interested in the many facets of ‘new ways of working’?! Go have a look at YNNO.com