Branding HowToTalk

Having to repeat everything a dozen times. Fuss about screen time. Familiar scenes in many families. The company Howtotalk has been publishing books on parent-child relationships for fifteen years. Now they have introduced the Howtotalk app, which teaches you to communicate with your child in an effective way in everyday situations. The result? A more relaxed atmosphere at home and a child with more self-confidence. The shift of the Howtotalk brand from an “offline publisher” to a “content creator” asked for a closer look at their brand strategy.

With the founder and the Howtotalk team, I worked on their Brand Passport in which all brand information is documented. Now they have a clear picture of how the brand is positioned to reach more parents. It has also become their starting point for creating relevant content. The Brand Passport was immediately used for communication around the launch of their app.

I’m going to work with the app myself, to successfully bring the topic of ‘cleaning up’ to my son’s attention.

Available in the Appstore: Howtotalk Practical Parenting