Delia Skin Baby Barrosbarbosa

Being involved in the launch of the new baby skin care brand D-SKIN Baby from strategy to execution has been a rollercoaster ride. Just like with every”new born”, there have been challenges and moments of pure joy! 

But through it all it has been great to create the strategic roadmap as a business strategist that is guiding and ensuring that every decision aligns with the brand’s vision. 

But that’s not all! We didn’t just stop at strategy. We brought our creative prowess to the forefront, conceptualizing an engaging launch campaign. We organized a captivating press event that drew media attention and created buzz around the brand. Through compelling content and educational materials, we enlightened parents about the delicate nature of a child’s skin, sharing insights on its functions and how the products catered to those needs.

 The combination of our strategic planning, creative concept, and educational approach resulted in a launch that captivated both parents and media alike. The brand received significant attention, and our carefully curated content served as a guiding light, helping parents navigate the complexities of infant skincare.

 Great to see how strategic planning, creativity, and educational initiatives can propel a brand to remarkable success.

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